Original Characters

Nina’s original characters


Haru is intelligent, cunning and playful. She is always around, appearing when everyone least expects it. Haru is very discreet and silent, but in some mysterious way, even from a distance, with her


Julia is a friendly and kind girl who loves animals. Her long, golden brown hair is always a little bit messy, because she is a very active girl. Julia is always observing everything


Anik is definitely a nature lover. She understands the natural world and even seems to speak the language of nature. Wherever she goes, she makes everything more beautiful and colorful.


Amani is certainly the most loyal friend somebody can have. She really cares about everyone and is always ready to help. Nothing goes unnoticed by her attentive eyes. She is very determined and


Plush is Julia's cat. This little one is so cute! She is just a kitten, but she has a great intuition that always takes her to the most unusual places, where